Hallo from the ‘Dam

Well, September is, as usual, one of our busiest months, although to be honest my diary tells me that we haven’t really stopped all summer. I personally have already had two days in a great venue in Stockholm and then flown direct to meet the rest of the crew in Amsterdam for another one of […]


OK, so it wasn’t on national TV or anything, but we’re quite chuffed to take home the gold at this weekends ‘It’s A Knock Out’ competition at the Promenade Park  in Maldon. The team was James, Ben & Shona from RP plus, Jon (tall-e-scope) Chamberlain, Dan (the shrew) Welham, Alistar (the great Blandini) Bland, and […]

Google+ Knock Outs

Is it a Plus? Well, when Google do something they usually go in hard, and it looks like they are putting a lot behind Google+. So, yes we’re there too, but will it be like another facebook that no one ever has time to update? Perhaps not as, after our migration to Google Business Apps […]

Why do you do so much?

We’ve had an extremely busy start to 2012, with lots of diverse projects, from Motorola Solutions kick-off in Vienna with Hart Wilcox, to a video wall installation at Leica’s Mayfair store, and becoming facebook developers to help our media customers with facebook advertising. Some have asked why we have such a diverse offering of services, […]

Still more radio mics

Looking for something else, I just found this updated page on JFMG website: (the page says updated in August 2011, but the bottom table is definitly new!) http://www.jfmg.co.uk/pages/equip/Radiomics/dtv.htm From what I can see, the only guaranteed spectrum to work is CH38 and CH70 after the completion of DSO. Try as I have, I can’t see […]

Book Titles

Thoughts from a walk with Gary, we came up with: Electrician’s autobiography – Arcing for trouble Canoeist’s autobiography – Weir we go again Doesn’t seem as funny written down as when we were wondering along the canal (under some arcing power lines so you can see both connections). Oh well, i’m posting it anyway 🙂

How many channels?

As everyone should be aware (and shame on those industry types who don’t), next year see’s the final stages of DSO (Digital Switchover) in the UK. For our industry this means the loss of the radio frequency that we use our radio microphones on – CH69, and a move to CH38. First, let me just […]

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