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Batteries for schools

We’ve launched a new initiative to get a second-life out of the batteries we use everyday. In the live broadcast & events environment it’s generally not possible to run a radio back until the battery runs out, you can’t have a radio failing half-way through an important presentation simply because of a cheap battery. As […]

New online hire catalogue

This week we’ve launched our online hire catalogue where customers can assemble a ‘shopping’ cart of equipment and see pricing 24-7. We hope this will help people find the equipment they need easily, and the daily rate we charge. We are only listing items we stock ourselves, but of course we have an extensive partner-network […]

Happy New Year!

Well, it seems foolish not to welcome in the new year with a look back at 2015, and indeed a look forward to 2016… RP started 2015 by moving in to a great new property, just around the corner from our previous home of six years. It’s made a huge difference to operating efficiencies, and quite […]

Google+ Knock Outs

Is it a Plus? Well, when Google do something they usually go in hard, and it looks like they are putting a lot behind Google+. So, yes we’re there too, but will it be like another facebook that no one ever has time to update? Perhaps not as, after our migration to Google Business Apps […]

Why do you do so much?

We’ve had an extremely busy start to 2012, with lots of diverse projects, from Motorola Solutions kick-off in Vienna with Hart Wilcox, to a video wall installation at Leica’s Mayfair store, and becoming facebook developers to help our media customers with facebook advertising. Some have asked why we have such a diverse offering of services, […]

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