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'noiseboy' turned 'vidiot'; guitarist; cyclist; sailor and lover of pubs.

Happy New Year!

Well, it seems foolish not to welcome in the new year with a look back at 2015, and indeed a look forward to 2016… RP started 2015 by moving in to a great new property, just around the corner from our previous home of six years. It’s made a huge difference to operating efficiencies, and quite […]

Hallo from the ‘Dam

Well, September is, as usual, one of our busiest months, although to be honest my diary tells me that we haven’t really stopped all summer. I personally have already had two days in a great venue in Stockholm and then flown direct to meet the rest of the crew in Amsterdam for another one of […]


OK, so it wasn’t on national TV or anything, but we’re quite chuffed to take home the gold at this weekends ‘It’s A Knock Out’ competition at the Promenade Park  in Maldon. The team was James, Ben & Shona from RP plus, Jon (tall-e-scope) Chamberlain, Dan (the shrew) Welham, Alistar (the great Blandini) Bland, and […]

Google+ Knock Outs

Is it a Plus? Well, when Google do something they usually go in hard, and it looks like they are putting a lot behind Google+. So, yes we’re there too, but will it be like another facebook that no one ever has time to update? Perhaps not as, after our migration to Google Business Apps […]

Why do you do so much?

We’ve had an extremely busy start to 2012, with lots of diverse projects, from Motorola Solutions kick-off in Vienna with Hart Wilcox, to a video wall installation at Leica’s Mayfair store, and becoming facebook developers to help our media customers with facebook advertising. Some have asked why we have such a diverse offering of services, […]

Still more radio mics

Looking for something else, I just found this updated page on JFMG website: (the page says updated in August 2011, but the bottom table is definitly new!) From what I can see, the only guaranteed spectrum to work is CH38 and CH70 after the completion of DSO. Try as I have, I can’t see […]

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