Author: gary taylor

Batteries for schools

We’ve launched a new initiative to get a second-life out of the batteries we use everyday. In the live broadcast & events environment it’s generally not possible to run a radio back until the battery runs out, you can’t have a radio failing half-way through an important presentation simply because of a cheap battery. As […]

New toys…

Investing in our business is important to us, and one of the main investments is equipment. Adding to our recent Allen & Heath dLive system, we’ve acquired 16 RCF TT25a-SMA – – active floor monitors for our rental inventory. We have also doubled our holding of Sennhesier radio microphone systems – But, it isn’t all […]

Silverstone Classic

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I had such a good day on Saturday. The lovely people at AC Entertainment took me and my girlfriend Ellen to Silverstone on Saturday. Phill Capstick was a great host, the hospitality at the BRDC was brilliant, and seeing 700, yes 700! E type Jags on the circuit at the same time was just […]

Headlights or not!

Having done an inordinate amount of miles in the last couple of weeks in this bad weather I have one major gripe. It’s snowing, or foggy, or dark, or all of these. You get the picture, poor visibility. So PUT ON THE F~~***#G HEADLIGHTS! people. Young and old, cars, vans and trucks, all guilty. What […]