The year of learning!

At the start of 2018 I set myself a challenge (this was not a New Years resolution!). One I ultimately failed by just 2 weeks but I never thought I’d get close so I’m still counting that as a win! That challenge was to do 12 courses in the year (First Aid course was completed 2nd week of Jan 2019!). There was a whole variety, a couple of them got their own blogs but the others were fairly varied including:

  • A day learning more about the dark art of RF at Shure
  • A starter with using Raspberry Pi’s to control things
  • A Quickbooks course to help us get the most out of our accounts software, so we’re not just recording stuff in it now because we have to, we’re gaining from the information too
  • GDPR – Because we all need to know about it now!
  • B+E driving test meaning I can now tow loads of heavy stuff (3 hours training then straight into the test! Nothing like a bit of pressure!)
  • A telehandler test

The telehandler test was one of the most interesting in a way due to the different way in which it was delivered. There was the usual theory but obviously was going to be quite practical too, so during the training we were told we were going to be having a game where we had to take turns stacking pallets on bricks, trying to get the others to knock it over and leave you to win (I lost, I tried to play dirty as the other guys were being far too nice and it was never going to end. Instead I had to watch as they continued to play nice for ages!) and also a test driving with a cup of water on the forks, winner having the most amount of water left at the end. Very different training (there was some normal stuff too!) but it still taught us the control skills we needed, very useful and made it a lot more interesting than just driving around with a box on the forks through some cones!

So while some of the training wasn’t conventional, it was all enjoyed and left me feeling highly motivated finishing 2018, memories of school were always around having to be there but feel this investment in me doing these courses left me wanting more! Now to choose some courses….

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