I’ve been learning! Part 2 – Health & Safety

So yet another training blog! And yes, it’s again a few months after I did the course! This time, it’s a health and safety course. The Creative Industries Safety Passport to be exact.

So the reason for this one was I’m always having to risk assess and prepare health and safety documentation but I didn’t feel as confident in my work as I wanted to. Thankfully, like the BS7909 course, although I was learning I did see that we was fairly on the mark with what we were doing as a company. Even down to simple things, like don’t just re-date the risk assessment when that annual event comes around, just add a line saying “Reviewed” and put today’s date and your name, this shows you’ve actually re-read it and checked nothing’s changed, whereas just changing the date doesn’t as a quick compare will provide the document is the same.

One interesting thing discussed, which was what made me do this as a separate blog, was that the Health & Safety Executive see our industry as a very safe industry. Now, I’m not saying we’re not, but I think everyone sees corners being cut and this does result in some accidents, equally some accidents happen even when people are trying to be safe and doing things properly! What we seem to do is not tell anyone! We’re scared of the repercussions of an accident, probably because you don’t really hear about someone reporting an accident and the HSE saying don’t worry, all you do hear about is people getting a massive fine! So that was the biggest learn for me, don’t be scared to report an accident!

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