The Emperors new clothes, online videos in PPT

So, you may well of had a handy pop-up telling you that PowerPoint now supports ‘Youtube’ videos directly on a slide. You might like the idea. I hate it…

I just don’t think this is a good idea, as it is content you have no control over. If the laptop you are using doesn’t have an internet connection, or the connection is slow, the video won’t play well (or at all).

The content owner might change it in someway – out of your control.

There is a high chance a load of other video links will appear during or at the end of the video. Many of these are pictures, that you have no control of, and could be NSFW.

It’s still not clear if adverts will play before or during videos – we’ve done a few tests, and the “your video will start after this advert” doesn’t seem to appear, nor have we seen any mid-point adverts (like an advert-break on TV). But we haven’t found any documentation from YouTube/Google/Microsoft saying if this is permanent or not – googles business model would suggest that the advert is pretty important to them.

There is also another angle to consider – does the content creator want you to use their video this way? Should we be asking them? Plenty of people like to use videos in their presentations, often these have been videos from YouTube et al, and we as diligent technicians have found a way of playing them. PPT16 is offering to shorten this process, but in turn, by enabling this are content creators losing another level of control of their work? No doubt it’ll be covered legally in the terms of use, but as we all know, we e-sign or agree to so many of these, do we ever read and consider what it all means?

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