We’re not splitting up with you…

…but we have been working on how we market ourselves.

You are more than likely to know us (or indeed me!) as Reece Productions, but our little company has expanded in to several different aspects of events & media over the last few years, and we’ve decided to make this all clearer to our clients. You may have already seen reecemedia.co.uk concentrating on the digital side of things, or indeed our ‘friend’ Charlie Mike and his music hut? Now with the launch of Essex AV Hire we’re sectioning our business between the hire and the service to help our future clients find us at the right times.

“But what does this mean to me?” I hear you ask. Well, very little. It’s still the same great team, just with a  different email address depending on what you need from us. You can let accounts know that they might see a new letterhead, but the bank details are still the same. And, best of all, this move will help us to be EVEN BETTER as it brings in internal changes to our business to help us go to the next level…


The JRF unofficial guide to our companies:

Reece Productions – Still the same great little production company I started in 2003. Dedicated to events and shows for private individuals and corporate customers alike.

Essex AV Hire – The new name that says what it does on the tin. We’ll also be shifting our school &  installations over to this brand. I said ‘brand’, I will probably get in trouble for that…

Reece Media – Still great websites, now with great video production and our cool live streaming.

Charlie Mike – Thinly veiled pun on our postcode. My favourite brand (there, I said it again). Mostly because I am too lazy to go to another shop and by guitar strings. Oh, did I say live-streaming? Dreams of starting a festival.

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