Luciee Closier on CM9 Live!

Yesterday we did another of the series of Charlie Mike Live broadcasts with up-and-coming singer Luciee Closier. With a full band, we set up a stage and lighting rig in the warehouse and invited guests were treated to a 45 minute set. Simon Taylor took care of the sound for the band & audience, while Simon Baxter (in an upstairs office) mixed the broadcast sound. Wiz set up a lighting rig mostly of ‘eye candy’ using 1m LED battens to great effect. Martin Janes took care of handheld camera shots, while Tom Squires looked after a camera on a track. Two fixed cameras completed the inputs which James mixed live.

James says, ‘It’s a different kind of challenge mixing cameras live for a band you’ve never seen before playing songs you’ve not familiar with. But I think we got some great looks – Tom & Martin gave me great shots to work with. These broadcasts are in the first instance a marketing vehicle for our Charlie Mike brand, however, it’s also an excellent way to learn some new skills, plus it’s good fun working with a band – streaming presentations is what we do, but they can be boring sometimes! ‘

With minimal rehearsal time, the broadcast went out live on our streaming platform without a hitch.

CM9Live – Luciee Closier from Reece Media on Vimeo.

You can see all the Charlie Mike Live broadcasts here:

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