My ‘not so secret’ other life…

My ‘not so secret’ other life as a drummer took me away from the smart corporate world of work, for almost three weeks in January… My life was considerably shortened by it!

Alien Ant Farm came over to celebrate the 15th anniversary of inme ant farm tourtheir first major album ‘ANThology’ by touring around the UK playing said album in full, and they asked us to be their tour support!

As a teen I enjoyed this band and drew a lot from their wacky yet serious approach to their music and live show.
After being invited to come and join the fun, I quickly polished off the shells and got cracking with rehearsals, when I could. I always looked up to Mike, their drummer, and wanted to impress if possible.

He was better than I could imagine! A top guy, actually they all were, really inviting and absolute animals, hence my life being shortened!

Once again, we took our long serving FOH guy Simon Baxter with us. He was in great spirits due to the quality of the venues and gear. He actually had my snare in the mix a few times! That’s quite a feat due to the enormity of the sound that thing creates.
Anyway, big crowds, lots of fans old and new to meet and share a drink with. Some crazy, mostly awesome.
The tour flew by and was over far too quickly, it seemed, but in retrospect it was the perfect length.
I needed to get back to the real world as it were. Not that the world of ‘events’ can ever be considered normal.
Going straight back into a graduation ball for British Airways students was quite a shock given the formal environment! Dirt and sweat being swapped for Suits and Formal dresses.
It was nice to see the guys again and crack on with what we do. I was interested to see what had happened whilst I was away, and to hear about the plans for the year ahead for Reece Productions. Looks like it going to be another busy one! New challenges and little sleep!!

I best crack on with prepping this next job….

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