Hello from ‘Across the Pond’…

How ya’ll doin’?

January has been a heck of a kick off to 2016 here at RP, I’ve personally only made it in to the office for a few hours as I’ve been on events in Amsterdam, Madrid, Brentford (I know, glamorous, huh?), and now I’m writing this from the Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville North Carolina, waiting for my transfer for the first of two flights to get home.

As you can imagine, or indeed know personally, traveling for work is a bitter-sweet pleasure. Yep, you get to see another City/Country/Continent, and with luck you might get some time to explore – I didn’t in Madrid. You get some airmiles you can cash-in for some Laithwaites wine later. Oh, and you get to do your job, which is what you get paid for, and for me, what I love doing.

Then there is the other side. The three hour unexplained delay of the Ryanair flight back from Madrid (I know what you’ll say, the client booked it) that meant I missed the family evening I was looking forward to before the trip to the US. The shifting timezones – not so bad in the EU, but a heck of a pain five hours behind in the US. There is also a strange murky nomadic feeling that just sort of hangs around – I know I have a home and life, but it seems so distant. Not just in miles, working in events is a fairly immersive thing to pull it all together you just have chuck yourself into it.

So, what have I learnt on my travels? Apart from never using Ryanair, I’ve worked with a whole bunch of different crew. Right now I have a US crew running the show who have been great, but it’s a strange feeling not knowing the team well enough to know a) how I can ask for stuff, and b) what stuff they can do. I’ll qualify that. With a regular team, you can say – “Mate, those mic’s sound great, but you’ve chopped out all the weight of out the VT feed – can we change that?”. I’m sure I could say that here, but, you know, it seems impolite, and it’s really not bad, just could be 5% better! Cripes I really am a Brit!

Also, I have no idea what anyone’s ‘skill-set’ is, so I end up doing it all myself like some kind of event-spider-op. Can David the sound man chop up a walkup-sting and play it on cue? I’ve seen plenty of UK techs mess that up, so I’ll just do it on my own laptop. Can the video guy insert a slide while I go off and sort the awards evening out? Well, it didn’t come up, but I’m sure he could, I think. Well maybe. I dunno?

Happily, February looks somewhat quieter for me, Wiz and I are popping over to ISE in Amsterdam to have a smooch about and see some toys (Gary will have cancelled my debit card before I leave no doubt). But there are lots of meetings about future events, and it’ll be nice spending some time with the family.


Go lucky.




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