Happy New Year!

Well, it seems foolish not to welcome in the new year with a look back at 2015, and indeed a look forward to 2016…

RP started 2015 by moving in to a great new property, just around the corner from our previous home of six years. It’s made a huge difference to operating efficiencies, and quite frankly it’s warmer – so we’ll all happy with that.

New hire equipment. We continued to grow our hire stock during 2015 including adding three new TV One C2-2655 HD SDI scalers to stock (a great little box), the Avolites Tiger Touch II lighting controller and further investment in ProLights moving heads. We also invested in Sennhesier EW300 series radio systems.

We also worked on some great-fun projects in 2015.

We kicked off the year with a comedy night in the Breitling Store on New Bond Street (with a speedy 45 min load-in!) with our good friends Penguin Events. The comedy continued with Jimmy Carr presenting an internal awards show for Konica Minolta, which we produced on the Sunborn Yacht. I ticked off a new continent with a trip down to São Paulo for Hart Wilcox. In between three events in Amsterdam, two in Sweden and four trips to Paris, we also had an 18 date UK roadshow, and an exhibition stand at Musikmesse, Frankfurt with only four days notice design-to-build.

It was a busy year indeed…

2016…has all the signs of being another great year for us. We have a few key investments ear-marked, as well as some new systems ready to share. We’ll shipping our new ‘tech-net’ NAS & Network kit out on the first two large events of 2016 (one in Amsterdam – one in Madrid). Utilising SSD’s and  PoE Gigabit switches this system eliminates the need for moving content around on USB sticks – plus it integrates all of the network controllable kit we have on site, providing a robust wifi network to remote control mixers, view the status of our new EW300 radios, etc.

Another new ‘kit’ for 2016 is our ‘live content ppu’ (OK, not such a snappy name…). The idea here is born of finding a more efficient way of providing clients with a ‘instant’ video of their conference including all of the PPT. We’ve built a system that excepts a range of HD sources (VGA/HDMI/SDI) from the event production and lays (PiP) this on top of a branded background with a live camera image. Capturing this direct to an SSD means that within minutes of an event finishing we can provide a finished product.

Oh, and with a bit of luck you may have ended up here from our shiny new website!


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