Well there’s a warehouse full of kit that needs de-prepping so what better time to write my first blog to avoid it! It’s all the kit that’s come back from 3 days of the Insurance Technology Congress, back at what’s become one of our most visited venues this year, ETC Venues, St Pauls, in London.

We provided a team of 5 staff, working for Informa we produced their 2 day conference, loading in on Monday evening with the conference running Tuesday & Wednesday. Providing the set, audio, lighting & video in the main room, we utilised the venue stage for the main stage, adding some of ours for a raised interview platform at the back. We put together a set using our stretched fabric system, with multiple depths & heights to create something different to the standard flat set seen on many conferences. Coupled with this was live camera and a speaker prep room where they could check their slides and get mic’d up before going into the room, leaving the tech’s in the room free to concentrate on what’s happening rather than what was coming up.

This was also our second job using our rediscovered relationship with Fieldings Trucking, we were already on their books so had used them before but we can’t remember when! Excellent service from them and also from George and his guys from Alpha Crew, couldn’t recommend these suppliers enough. On that subject, complements to the excellent photography from Philippa Gedge, examples below!

Overall a good job well done by all, a very happy client!

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