Google+ Knock Outs

Is it a Plus?
Well, when Google do something they usually go in hard, and it looks like they are putting a lot behind Google+. So, yes we’re there too, but will it be like another facebook that no one ever has time to update? Perhaps not as, after our migration to Google Business Apps more than two years ago, when we’re using the web interface (like I am now in Bordeaux) it’s just there in the top corner.
So, I think this is a wait and see, but as with much social media it’s best to be in than to be out…

It’s A Knockout!
To celebrate the Jubilee, and have a lot of fun to boot, Reece Productions has entered a team into the It’s A Knockout competition on the Prom Park Maldon on Sunday the 3rd June.
The Team Comprises: James, Ben & Shona from RP plus, Jon (tallescope) Chamberlain, Dan (the shrew) Welham, Alistar (the great blandini) Bland, and Hannah (scatty) Dearham.
Pictures to follow…

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